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At McCormick Structural Systems, Inc we are committed to the safety of our employees, subcontractors, customers and others who are on or around our construction sites.  We feel it is the most important aspect of any job and injuries to our employees or other personnel is something we avoid at all costs.  We have a current experience modifier rating of 0.835 and it is our goal to better this number every year. 

We provide all safety equipment including harnesses and back biter lanyards for all of our employees and require them to wear them at all times when off of the ground.  We have also in recent years started using a form of fall protection called Skyweb.  This is netting which is stretched over the purlins of a building before the roofing and insulation is installed.  It comes at a high cost but the safety of our employees warrants the use of these systems.  An added benefit of using Skyweb is that it remains a part of the roof system, providing support for the insulation materials.










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